How to add a tile to assets in version 1.106

hello, we are moving from version 1.102 to 1.106 and a lot of problems have arisen. here is one of…

adding this will give me the following error


!!!UPD maybe this implementation is correct? screen 3

It can be difficult to make guesses based on images of parts of the code. But Cesium3DTileset.fromUrl does not return a Cesium3DTileset. It returns a Promise to a tileset. So in the first code, it should be

this.tileset = await Cesium.Cesium3DTileset.fromUrl( ....)
//               ^--- await here!

In the approach from the last screenshot, you’re also storing a Promise to a tileset as this.tileset, which will cause trouble elsewhere (even though the line that is marked with a red underline should not cause an error here)

@Marco13 Thank you