How to add array of label entities with 3d tiles?


Firstly, good luck with the long awaited official release of 3D Tiles in Cesium today!!! (Or in the very near future)

Sorry for the naive question, as I believe the feature I’m looking for will be in the 3D Tiles Vector Data tile format. I’m looking for a temporary workaround until this feature is ready post initial release.

Along with a 3D mesh that I’m converting into a b3dm model and adding to a tileset.json file (we intend to split model and create proper hierarchy next), I need to add a number of labels to the scene. Is there any support for this at the moment, or is there a timeframe for the Vector Data tile format to include Points with Labels etc?

If not, is there some way for me to get to the 3D Tiles tileset.json data or models as they are loaded/unloaded and access some extra meta data in them for me to add/remove entities myself? There will be only a few (less than 100) ECEF coords with a string label so I’m tempted to add it to the tileset.json file that I believe I’m able to access on load and process then. Does this sound reasonable?

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We don’t have an exact timeframe for the vector format yet, but at least a couple months. Our in-progress branch is here and the draft of the spec is here if you want an early look.

Your approach does sound reasonable. You can store the label properties in the “asset” section of tileset.json and access on load with tileset.asset. If you need different labels to appear at different times, that would require a different approach.

Thank you , that will work fine for us until vector tile format is ready.

On a related note, should the 3D Tiles spec’s asset.schema.json ( allow extra properties for application use like this? It currently has “additionalProperties” : false so does not allow extra properties when tested with a JSON schema validator.



I think eventually application-specific data will fall under an “extras” object that any property in the tileset could have, similar to glTF. We’ll hopefully address this soon, the issue to watch is