Labels doens't displayed anymore in vector-tiles

Hi all,

We use the vector-tiles branch in to display 3d tilesets.
One of them is a vector 3d tileset displaying labels.

Problem is the labels aren't display anymore with the last version of this branch.

I've done a git bisect and it seems the first bad commit is:

In production we use this commit:

Any ideas why?

I probably messed up the git bisect.

The incriminated line is :

The exception never appears in the console and block the points tileset to be displayed.

Setting the rectangle property like before fixes my problem.


I added your feedback to the PR with the vector-tiles branch. If you have additional questions specific to that, the developers there are most familiar with those code changes.



Hi again.

After checking with @bagnell, this is intended. RECTANGLE is required by the spec. You’ll need to regenerate the tileset.



Thx, for this answer.