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My question is:
Is it possible to display polygons with VectorTiles?

I spend some time with VectorTiles branch and sucessfully displayed lines.
But I can't display polygons. I debug Cesium code and after few fixes I see that Cesium can read values from .vctr file correctly. I assume that all input data have correct structure because I got bounding box visible.

I know that Vector Tiles aren't finished but if current state allow something to do I want use it :slight_smile:

Are you showing the polygons on another 3D Tiles tileset or on terrain?

If you want to display them on terrain, pull down the latest on the branch and add this option when creating the tileset:

classificationType : ClassificationType.TERRAIN // for best performance if only using terrain


classificationType : ClassificationType.BOTH // to display the vector data on terrain and 3D Tiles



Thank you for your answer.

After pulling changes on branch and use classificationType I was able to see some effect but it is blurred and positions of vertices aren't correct. Any idea why it happeand?

Could you send me some examples to test/see how it works? (tileset and .vctr files) (use email: arcade92@o2.pl)

I tried use examples in ..\Specs\Data\Cesium3DTiles\Vector
but Cesium doesn't read magic value correctly.

I also noticed that in one of steps Cesium is calculating center value and I don't understand fully how center value influence on vertices positions. Could you explain it to me?