Lines and Polygons in 3D Tiles

I want to use a 3D Tileset to display an autocad linework DXF file. Early tests using FME suggest that polygons and lines are currently not supported in Cesium. Is this correct?

From a readme file in 3d-tiles-master I see this line


## Future Work
Additional tile formats are under development, including Vector Data (`vctr`) [[#124](]
for geospatial features such as points, lines, and polygons.

Is this work in progress and if so when do you expect it to be available.
It needs to be in a 3dTilset due to the large amount of data. The dxf files can be over several 100 mbs etc

Thanks in advance
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You can certainly render polylines and polygons on 3D Tiles in Cesium, but there is currently no pipeline to tile them.

It is certainly something on our radar though. There’s no definite timeline, but feel free to express your interest to Tim ( if you haven’t already.