how to add geojson linestring data

I added geojson polygon data, it showed .

but the geojson linestring data can’t show.

Did anyone tell me where it is wrong, thanks

var source1 = new Cesium.GeoJsonDataSource(‘t1’);
source1.load(’./blinetest.json’, {
stroke: Cesium.Color.fromBytes(51,147,201,255),
strokeWidth: 1
var p = source1.entities.values;

    for (var i = 0; i < p.length; i++) {
         p[i].polyline.material = Cesium.Color.fromBytes(17,49,167,255);
         p[i].polyline.width = 1;
         var nowtime =;
            polylineVolume : {
                positions : p[i].polyline.positions.getValue(nowtime),
                shape : computeCircle(5.0),
                outline : false,
                material : Cesium.Color.fromBytes(17,49,167,255)

Hi there,

Do you have terrain enabled? It’s possible that your entities are just underground.


  • Rachel

thank you Rachel

I hide all (including basemap), but I can’t see the line

在 2017年6月20日星期二 UTC下午1:10:10,Rachel Hwang写道:

Hi there,

Check out the discussion from this thread – it may be useful.

  • Rachel

hi all , I find out the reason .

I use this website to convert esrijosn to geojson .

the right linestring coordinates is [,] , but their linestring is [[,]]