how to add interactive statistics charts on the Cesium Globe

I have some statistics data with location information. What I want to do is to put these location points on the cesium globe and to display a chart when a point is clicked. I accomplished it as shown in the following figure.

But, it seems charts became static images when they were added into Cesium by the way of Billboard, so they are not interactive and I can’t show tips on charts.

Is there anyone who can give me some advise about how to add interactive statistics charts on the Cesium Globe. Thanks in advance.

We don’t have a screen overlay system in Cesium yet, but you could probably do this yourself using HTML and billboard.computeScreenSpacePosition. Essentially, when the primitive is clicked, you would place the div at the location returned by computeScreenSpacePosition. You would have to update the position of the div every frame by subscribing to the scene.preRender event and recomputing the new position. This is exactly how the SelectionIndicator widget works, so you can look in that code for ideas: