How to add large datasets like animated landscapes for each region of the globe?

Imagine having the Amazon (vegetation, river) and the Gobi Desert (sand dunes) rendered community developed for instance, where to place this huge content, which format and on which kind of server?

Would it be 3D Tiles or would it be easier to manage this asset with Unreal Engine?

Hi @cloudatlas,

There’s no one answer, it really depends on the nature of the assets you’re creating and where you intend for them to be used.

3D Tiles excels at large assets, especially if they’re too big to copy to every end-user system so they need to be streamed from a server. It also has a solid approach to managing level-of-detail so that the rendering itself doesn’t become overloaded.

On the other hand, regular Unreal Engine assets have more flexibility as far as fancy rendering effects, physics, pre-baked lighting, etc. At least today! This may not always be true.

I suspect that most Cesium for Unreal applications will benefit from using a mix of 3D Tiles and Unreal Engine assets.