How to add MI's Layer at Runtime

Hi, Is there any ways to add MI’s Layer at runtime by blueprint.
As shown in the figure.
I haven’t found any relevant blueprint nodes.
Thank you.

Hi @WuduHenry,

I’m not sure if that’s possible. You might have better luck asking on the Unreal Engine forums, since it’s specific to Unreal Engine and not Cesium. However, people have already asked similar questions (here and here) without a clear answer.

In any case, what are you trying to accomplish? Maybe there is an alternative approach.

Hi @janine ,

I just want to use cartographic polygons to Tint different colors at Runtime, I followed the tutorials “Editing Tileset Materials”, And found that a layer can only correspond to one color.
So, I want to find a way to add MI’s Layer at runtime. If that’s feasible, different colors can be dynamically tinted.

May you have any suggestions for alternative approach?

One more thing: Two or more cartographic polygons, and each different colors.
Thank you!

Hi @WuduHenry,

I haven’t had a chance to prototype this yet, but I wonder if you could create a copy of ML_CesiumRasterOverlay, and modify it to output your different colors. Then add a scalar parameter to the material layer, and a custom function node. The custom function could test what value the parameter is, and based on it, output a different color. But I’d need a chance to try it myself and confirm if it’s possible.

Do you mean two or more cartographic polygons on the same tileset? That may not be currently possible, but I can check.

Yeah, Two or more cartographic polygons on the same tileset. Hope you can help me find a solution.