How to avoid repeat requests with WMTS?

Cesium makes duplicate tile requests when zooming or panning. Is there a way to prevent this, so that tiles that have already been loaded aren't requested over and over again?

This sandcastle code displays this behavior. If you stop the clock, and then pan or zoom, the dev tool shows that duplicate tile requests are made:

If there is a way to change this, it would improve performance by using existing data instead of requesting the tiles again.


I’m not seeing any duplicate requests with that example. While a lot of the filenames are the same, their full URL is always different for me. Exactly which URLs are you seeing duplicate requests for?

Also, keep in mind that just because a request is made, does not mean that the tile is being requested from the server again, assuming caching is configured correctly, requests will be fulfilled directly by the browser without going back to the server. If the server provided a no-cache setting, then it’s specifically telling the client to ask again, so it mostly depends on server configuration. Are you seeing duplicates on the server or client end of things?

If you can provide some more details, we’d be happy to get to the bottom of this, especially if it means improving Cesium performance.



I’m seeing duplicate request URLs for the tiles. If I do a large pan back and forth I see multiple requests for URLs like ‘’. There’s not a huge amount of duplication, so maybe this is the intended behavior? is Bing Imagery. Cesium used to use this endpoint directly, but now it’s requested via Cesium ion. What version of Cesium are you using?