Latest Cesium continuously requests non-existing tile

I just pulled, built and deployed the new master and immediately noticed something I haven’t seen before:

I use my own TMS imagery layer which I serve, and it only contains zoom levels 6-15. It still renders the same, but the latest Cesium repeatedly requests tile 0/1/0, even though it keeps getting a 404, causing unnecessary CPU surge and preventing my home-grown “adaptive FPS” algorithm from throttling the refresh rate down to keep things cool.

FWIW, I never implemented a tilemapresource.xml for the TMS data, but this didn’t cause any problems in the past.

Any ideas?

Hey Peter,

I can’t think of anything that changed in there recently. Which version were you using previously that didn’t have the problem? I wouldn’t expect Cesium to request the same tile repeatedly while the camera is still, but if you move away from an area and then move back it will try to request the tile again.


Looks like I pulled my last snapshot from git on 4/18 which would put it around b15?

I just changed my TMS service to return a 200 with an empty (transparent) tile for non-existing tiles. The requests for tile 0/1/0 keep coming.

The smoking gun: This variable is never true anymore (but used to be with my prior snapshot):

var queueEmpty = typeof self.scene._primitives.getCentralBody()._surface._tileLoadQueue.head === ‘undefined’;

The camera is not moving.

It appears that tiles get continuously queued. Chrome keeps requesting them, FF does not, but both appear to be queueing them and rendering them.

I have deployed:




in this directory configuration.

Hey Peter,

I can’t reproduce this in the “Black Marble” Sandcastle example. That one has tiles all the way to the root, but after your change to return transparent tiles yours should, too. Can you post your application, or another application that reproduces the problem, somewhere I can access it?


How do I send you a URL privately?

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