Infinite loop for requestAnimationFrame/createImage near the poles

If I head over to and zoom way in near either of the poles, ceisum will begin to endlessly make network requests for imagery tiles. I let it run for a while, watching the network in dev tools and I am up to over 5000 requests for tiles...

Something like:

This is preventing our users from doing ship traffic monitoring in the Arctic because it slams the map server. It does not happen when zoomed in the same amount over another area of the world.

Tested in Chrome 62 and FF 52 but I assume it will happen in all browsers with the current demo on

Hi Sean,

I think this is due to the way imagery is filled in around the poles. I’ve opened a GitHub issue to track here. If you could help narrow this down, propose, or contribute a fix, it would help get this resolved quickly.



Thanks for the response, I have a couple of ideas I'd like to try (and will post anything I find to github).

Great to hear, we appreciate it!