non-responsive layer hangs Cesium (big problem)

When we include a layer that “doesn’t work” in Cesium then it causes problems where it looks like Cesium hangs. See “BROKEN LAYER” in the Sandcastle example. When you turn off Broken Layer via the checkbox then the globe will appear.

We are seeing this problem in production if a map server or layer we use starts having issues. The “pending” map requests seem to really foul things up at times. Any tips on how to address this issue?

Hi Ashley. Thanks for reporting this. This one was my fault, which we fixed in this PR:

If you try the current master branch, it should be resolved. This fix should be out in CesiumJS 1.59 which is coming out next week.

I think the issue still exists on my example. In the example I posted, doesn’t return anything. It just waits forever and the globe won’t appear until you hide the layer.

What would help us is an option.timeout on the Resource.js class so we could set it to xhr.timeout after X seconds and help avoid this problem somewhat.

You’re right - thanks for checking this. I think ideally what would happen here is that CesiumJS would just be able to launch requests for the other imagery layers without waiting on the one that takes forever to timeout. There is already a mechanism in the engine for this, so I’m not sure why that one imagery layer starves out any other requests. I’ve opened a bug report with some of my findings so far here:

Thank you Omar. A fix or workaround for this issue would be a great help!