Cesium Terrain Provider Broken

This morning when trying to run our Cesium projects we were unable to display any tiles in any of our projects. There were no errors being reported, so it took a while to track down...

Turns out the Cesium Terrain Provider described below appears to be busted, and if it is used then no tiles (or imagery provider layers of any type) are displayed.

new Cesium.CesiumTerrainProvider({
        url: '//cesiumjs.org/stk-terrain/tilesets/world/tiles'

Is this a temporary situation? Or is this terrain provider no longer available?


This is temporary. Looks like cesiumjs.org is down.

Folks are looking into it.


It is back up and working.

I noticed that when Cesium tries to connect to a non accessible Terrain provider URL, it also disables the loading of any tiles or rater imagery data on the map. This behavior should be changed to keep the map operational under this circumstances . I would suggest to ignore the loading of the terrain provider if it fails to load , or set the scene’s terrain provider to undefined or to a new EllipsoidTerrainProvider. The loading of any tiles or raster imagery data should continue as normal if the terrain provider fails to load.




You can do this easily in your own application. Subscribe to the errorEvent and switch to EllipsoidTerrainProvider when it is raised. You can find the code that does this in my own application here: