No Imagery Basemap when terrain provider is used


I am trying to get a WebMapServiceTerrainProvider from Wayne working with Geoserver. I am using the demo sf:sfdem terrain to test out Cesium's rendering of it. Whenever I use the terrain provider I can see calls to get the imagery as well but nothing shows on the globe (I can see through it). When I remove the terrain provider the imagery base renders fine.

Is there any other way to render terrain from geoserver other than WebMapServiceTerrainProvider?

Thank you!

I forgot to mention I am using the DDS/BIL plugin in geoserver.


Do you get any errors in the console? It sounds like the terrain is failing to load, but it’s hard to say why without more information.


No errors.

I tried a different wmsterrainprovider and it worked! I think it had something to do with the parsing of the .bil