How to change point size of Point Clouds

Hi Everyone,

With v1.23 we can now display point cloud tilesets in the unreal scene. THis is great, however, i can’t find a method to adjust the point size of the point cloud. This is an issue for very sparse captures where it would need to have the point size increased to have more representative space filled when you are close to the point cloud.

Hi @DanielAbend,

There isn’t currently a method to adjust the point size of point clouds, but we’re working on it now. It would be similar to the Point Cloud Shading options that we have in CesiumJS. We hope to get it out in the next month or so. :slight_smile:

That’s great. Thanks for letting me know

Hi @DanielAbend,

Just to update, point cloud attenuation has finally arrived in Cesium for Unreal with release v1.27.0. Feel free to try it out and let us know how it goes!

great! but i think it doesn’t work anymore, since update to version 1.28 - could u please check it (i tried it on UE5.1 and 5.2)? if i activate PointCloud Shading the pointcloud isn’t visible, even i try to set up different parameters… might i’m wrong, but i think that it really worked on the previous version 1.27. / Lidar Plug-in doesn’t work proberly in UE, so may be it would be the better way (cesium) do get pointclouds into unreal - hopefully rendering will work. funny, that twinmotion (part of epic) works properly with lidar data, it seems as they have different issues with UE and pointclouds…

Thanks for the report @siggsons. I confirmed that the latest version broke point cloud shading, and I’ve opened a PR to fix it here.

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thanks janine! :ok_hand: