How to choose Classification primitive/Ground primitive target?

Hi I have a question about new Classification primitive feature[At 1.36 - pre release].

I saw merged PR about Classification primitive feature.

And I try to show Classfication demo(Sandcastle/gallery/ClassificationPrimitive.html).

It is really good feature. But I found an issue: after classification primitive feature, entity graphics(on terrain) or ground primitives draw on terrain and 3d tiles.

I wonder is there any option to choose target(on terrain or on 3d tiles)?

Sorry It is too early question because 1.36 version not released yet.

thanks cesium team.


Hi Shyoo,

Keep an eye on #5683.


Thanks again. Shyoo. This was just added in #5770 and will be in the Cesium 1.37 release tomorrow.


Thanks. Great feature!!
It would be nice to add the same choice option to entities.

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