How to click highlight 3dtile?

I try to change the material of hitComponent . It’s worked. but It different with cesiumjs.

How should I do it?

Click once and it should only be highlighted

I can’t tell what you’re trying to show with those screenshots. Is one Cesium for Unreal and the other CesiumJS? Can you tell us exactly what you did, and what is inadequate about the solution so far?

Sorry for not describing it clearly. The first image is the 3D tile data I loaded in Cesium for UE, and the second image is in CesiumJS. Now I want to highlight them by clicking, but the effects are different. In UE, I obtained the component and set its material, but it will replace other content with the same material. In CesiumJS, I only set the color and got the highlight effect I wanted.
looking forward to your reply :smile:

Yeah, the component will be an entire tile, not just the one feature within the tile that you clicked. Highlighting just the clicked feature will take some effort. Basically, you will need to figure out which feature has been clicked, and then set a custom material that applies the highlighting only to that particular feature. The “Visualize Per-Feature Metadata” tutorial will get you started: