How to make Ceisum3dtiles HigHlight on UE4

Thanks for Creater of Ceisum for unreal !
Now,Static mesh Ability to highlight by BulePrint on UE Launch, but Ceisum3dtiles can’t be quoted Set Render Custom Depth。
[Uploading: WX81((5]G@AYL}Y{_OP(AVS.png…](This picture prove Static mesh highlight)

Please,I want to know the idea of implementation to finish the task。

We can know CesiumJS API realize highlight on Cesium, so How Cesium3dtiles are highlight on UE

Hello @Crs9charles,

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to do. Your image doesn’t seem to have uploaded properly. Can you attach some screenshots of what you are trying to do?


Hello Alex,
Thanks Thank you for your interest in this question,
That is picture from UE4 is running。

The white film in this picture is a Ceisum3dtiles,I think when I click on this model, it can be highlighted。

Hi @Crs9charles,

There are a few ways to visually highlight a tileset. This post might be of help, it explains how to style clicked tiles.

You’ll need to do a line trace below the mouse to determine what tileset is being clicked on. You can get the hit actor from the line trace, cast it to a Cesium3DTileset, and change the material in Blueprint. You can check out Level 6 of the Cesium for Unreal Samples for an example of using a line trace.

The easiest way to highlight the material is to change the Base Color of the material. On the other hand, if you’re looking to draw an outline around the tileset, that might be more difficult. Will the base color solution work for you?


Thank you for your reply, these cases have inspired me. I’ve been trying out how to implement highlighting these days, but haven’t been making great progress.I will try to again.

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