Draw Cesium3DTiles to Virtual Texture


Is there any way to render the 3DTiles material to a Virtual Texture?

In UE4, on a normal StaticMeshActor or StaticMeshComponent there is a “Virtual Texture” section in the details panel where you can add Virtual Texture assets to draw to. You can then add materials to the meshes and set virtual texture outputs in them.

This seems to be missing on 3DTiles though. I guess this is because the 3D Tiles rendering is not an Unreal Static Mesh, but is using some other type of component.

Any way to accomplish this?

Hi @LudvigLoven,

Cesium3DTileset does use static mesh components under the hood. But it has one per tile, so a single tileset might have tens or hundreds of individual static meshes visible at any given time, and individual meshes are loaded and unloaded as the camera moves around. I’m not sure of the implications for virtual texturing, as I haven’t really experimented with it. By changing the plugin code, you should be able to set virtual texturing properties on the individual static meshes that get created. If you try it out, let us know what you learn.