how to color the result of a search

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Hello everyone,
In my Cesium application I have a small parallel search engine that by the ID or keyword makes a “flyTo” on the map in a certain plot of geojson. Currently the whole geoJson is the same color. I would like to know what would have to be done to change the color of the area where the “flyTo” goes - or what is the same, the result of the search engine. Thank you very much.
Here is a bit of code:

var projectes = new Cesium.GeoJsonDataSource(); projectes.load(’…/SampleData/projectes/treballs.geojson’,{

stroke: Cesium.Color.BLACK,

strokeWidth: 50,

markerSymbol: ‘?’,

allowPicking: false

Hi Pol,

Take a look at the Loading and Styling Entities section of the Cesium Workshop tutorial. It works through a GeoJSON example in particular.