Sandcastle example: Change color of GeoJSON

Hi to everyone.
I’m new in Cesium.
I’d loaded a GeoJSON and i wanna choose the color of every polygon in the geojson.

I had followed this example:

And it works fine as you can see in the image:

I’d used this line “colorHash[name] = color” ito give color to every polygon individually,
But I dont know why I’m not able to give color to one polygon, its the white polygon.
Can someone help me?

I’d noticed that white polygon is the first one in the definition of the GeoJSON

It’s hard to know what the issue is without seeing the source GeoJSON here. You can try uploading that to Cesium ion and sharing a Sandcastle here.

Thanks for your help!
This is the code:

This is just a coding error. You’re defining your colors after you check the name of the entity. So the first entity doesn’t get any color.

Thanks a lot!
I appreaciate your answer.