How to create 3D-Tile data


I'm new to 3D-Tiles. I have these questions.

Is there a popular way to create 3D-tiles data (the order of steps)?

I have a large Collada data containing more than 2000 buildings. How do I tile my dataset?

What should I prepare for input data to create 3D-tile data?

Do I have to separate large data into individual building to create 3D-tile data?


For some reason my posts keep getting deleted on the other thread.

I’m able to load the glb fine by itself. What code are you using to load it?

There are many ways to tile data, but the easiest way would be to extract all the buildings from the glb file and build a longitude/latitude grid in which to place buildings. There isn’t an exact procedure for doing this so you will have to experiment.