How to create an inclined cylinder or a beam like this?

hi! i’ve ran into a problem of creating an inclined cylinder like this to dipict a beam from satellite, but i can only rotate the whole cylinder which doesn’t look like a beam.

is there any mehod to dipict a beam? thank you a lot!

You can check these similar posts:
post1, post2. Also you can try ConicSensor.


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could you be more specific? is there any demo or code about ConicSensor? im not very familiar with this.
thanks a lot!!!

The ConicSensor is not part of CesiumJS, but only the ion SDK.

It’s not entirely clear what the core of the question is. There are some examples that show how to add cones and cylinders. But … from the very short description in the question, a wild guess: Is the main point of the question that you’d like to rotate the cone around its “tip” (i.e. around the ‘satellite’ position in the image)?

You can check this stackoverflow to understand cone rotation around apex.

Another approach is to create multiple polygons(triangles) between the circular coordinates of target position and source position. Here source position will be the satellite position.

I’ve created an example in sandcastle. You can use CallbackProperty to update polygon coordinates.

PS: It’s not a full fledged solution. You can use it’s idea to optimize it or develop your own :slightly_smiling_face:

@Jacky The sample looks nice. But a word of caution: EllipseGeometryLibrary as a whole (and computeEllipsePositions in particular) are marked as @private. There are no stability guarantees. This class might be removed entirely in the next release, without notice. (Yes, that’s not going to happen. The point is: It could happen…)

You’re correct @Marco13 @private methods can be removed anytime but Yes, that’s not going to happen for next few release I believe :slightly_smiling_face:. BTW there is always an alternative like given in this interpolation example. :beers: