How to create dynamic heatmap?

Sorry for generating new thread for heatmap but I want to start fresh communication with latest development.
How can we create a heatmap using heatmap.js?
I am already familior with mramato’s reply but not finding proper way to start with.
No one is actively working on heatmap.js integration, but it should actually be pretty straightforward to do at this point. All you have to do is generate the heatmap and then assign the canvas to a polygon material. For dynamic heatmaps, you should be able to use a CallbackProperty to return a different one each animation time. Ideally, it would be able to take any EntityCollection and render a dynamic heatmap based on entity positions. I suggest you ask about it on the forum, since I’m sure others there have worked on similar features for their own apps.

I also know about cartodb plugin and I am interested to know how it has been created.

I have implemented attached code to start with where i have generated colored points with loop because I did not have correct data for heatmap.
if anyone can give suggestion on this it would be great.

Please contribute if someone has recently achieved anything in recent times.


json5k_points.html (3.14 KB)

For examples of how to use heatmap:, of just go a search for Heatmap.js. I’ve never used it, but it seems to have a decent API with a lot of examples and support.

The CartoDB plugin for Cesium was written and maintained by CartoDB, They have a good ReadMe file that explains the setup process.

I’m not sure how engaged they are with the public for this project. They have no issues or pull requests on their repository, but they may just handle that else where.