AllisonHouse Map Demo heatmap

I saw the recent AllisonHouse Maps Demo and was impressed by the user-defined heat map.

From the blog post: “Furthermore, thanks to Cesium’s use of WebGL and the GPU, Maps is able to apply custom, user-defined color palettes to all of its tile-based datasets through custom code that is being contributed back to the Cesium codebase.”

Is there a way to do heatmaps built into Cesium? Is the custom code available in github? I looked but might have missed it.


Hi there,

I believe that demo is using something like a custom build of this PR:

We don’t have dynamic generation of heatmap coloring, but it would be an awesome feature to add someday!

Meanwhile, since heatmaps are just images, there are plenty of ways to display them in cesium once they’ve been generated.

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel


I don’t have any experience with it, but the recent cesium-heatmap library may be of interest: