Applying colored "heatmaps" to buildings as 3D tiles

Hello - We are considering Cesium for a new project. A key requirement will be the ability to overlay buildings and other 3Dtile objects with dynamically generated “heatmaps”, based on the results of our analysis algorithms.

I see examples of dynamically coloring entire objects/buildings programmatically. However, we’ll need to map our data in a spatially-coherent manner to the specific geometry of the building. We do something similar to this now in osgEarth in a desktop-based application, but the new project is to be web-based.

This is very reminiscent of the functionality described in Mr. Cozzi’s 2017 blog post. I note the sample images demonstrating something very similar. I assume this is what is meant by “vector tiles”.

Can you please confirm if this is possible? Right now, we are at a standstill till we get further input on what it will take to accomplish this function.

Thank you for your assistance,

Welcome to the Cesium community @trexmsuee! Can you tell me more about how your heatmaps are generated?

Right now in CesiumJS you can overlay textured data using the Entity API. There’s an example of this here (select "textured material from the dropdown):

If your heatmaps are GeoTIFFs with geographic information built-in, you could display this in CesiumJS on 3D terrain, but not 3D Tiles yet. This is on the roadmap to support, see:

Hi @omar - Thank you for your reply. I was unaware of this option.

Our heatmaps would have definitive spatial relationships corresponding to the underlying geometry of specific buildings. In short, the outer surface of the building would be sub-divided into a grid, corresponding to our algorithm granularity (for ex. 1 m x 1 m cells). After the calculation, each grid cell would receive a numeric score, and colored appropriately based on a gradient scale. So, the specific geometry of the structure, to the analysis grid, needs to be spatially coherent. We’d need to put some serious thought into how to enforce this mapping with an image overlay, given that we need to enforce these geometric relationships.

I’d love to correspond with you or your team via email. In that setting, we can provide more detail. We are also willing to explore seeking some assistance, where needed, to accomplish this, as time is imperative. We also have a few other questions to discuss.

Can you contact me via email?

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Yes! If you have or are evaluating a commercial Cesium ion account you can reach out to