Implementing Google Photorealistic Layer and Building Coloring in Cesium

Hi Community!!

I’m developing an interactive application to visualise properties (buildings) available for sale or rent. The app allows users to search a database and view the results on an interactive map. Users can click on a building to view its details (name, address, photo gallery, rental/sale price, etc.) or filter buildings based on construction year, availability, and more. For context, a basic example of our application is similar to this Cesium Sandcastle example

Previously, we used standard Cesium (2D) with CityGML layer for building data. Now we want to implement the Google photorealistic layer to improve user immersion. However, I’m facing challenges in “colouring” the buildings.

First, I adapted and loaded 3D tiles (CityGML), but many buildings appeared to be floating or were not fully covered. I then tried using GeoJSON to project the 2D shape of the building and achieve the desired colouring (example). The problem here is that the GeoJSON data causes the browser to freeze for 15-60 seconds, depending on the PC’s resources, as our GeoJSON is about ~60MB when it’s loaded.

I’m looking for advice on how to effectively colour buildings similar to the sandcastle example or as seen in Carto’s example.

Any suggestions or guidance on how to solve these problems would be greatly appreciated.

any help? thank you :slight_smile:

any suggestions? Thank you so much! :slight_smile: