Google 3D Tiles dataset projection

Hello Everyone! I am completey new to unreal & cesium, appologies in advance! We are using Unreal engine to stream Google 3D Tiles with Cesium. We can not figure out how to project a dataset on the Google 3D Tile Geometry or even better, colorize the models. We were able to colorize OSM Buildings (Picture) but they are not matching the Google Tiles. When I try to drape over the google 3D Tiles the format is not supported. We looked at many of the Tutorials but neither we found could would lead to desired results. A good example of what we are trying to do can be found here:

Any pointers would help. In which format do we need the dataset? How do create such a format from our GEOTIFF/GEOJSON Files?

Thanks !

This is what we want to achieve:

This is the dataset:

OSM Buildings with projected dataset:

A projection like this on the Geometry would be great :

Can you explain what you mean by these two statements? How are you colorizing the OSM Buildings? And in what way is it not matching / not supported?

Hi Kevin, in the third image, you can see the result of the “Cesium OSM Building” paired with “cesium ion raster overlay” ON TOP. of the Google 3D Tiles . I would like to a similar thing on the models of the google 3d tiles. My statement was wrong, my geotiff is supported but I cant t find a way to project it on individual buildings or on the geometry. Thank you for taking the time.

I can’t really tell what I’m looking at in your screenshots, as I’m not familiar with your data. But if you want to put a raster overlay on top of the Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles, just add the Cesium ion Raster Overlay component to the Google Cesium3DTileset instance. No need to use Cesium OSM Buildings at all. But perhaps I’m misunderstanding you?