How to create multiple b3dm and tileset.json from one glb

Hello. This is my first post in this forum.

What I want to do is to render a 3dtile on the web from data obtained by photogrammetry as in this url.

I have one glb data now. Now what should I do next?
Here is what I found out from my research.

  • I can use this tool to convert the glb to b3dm with DRACO compression and basis compression
  • With this loader I can render 3dtiles in Three.js.

However, what I get from one glb is one b3dm, even with the conversion tool.
Now all I need is several b3dm models with multiple level of detail and the tileset.json needed to render those models properly.

Based on this example from the CesiumGS repository, I was able to produce a model with multiple level of detail in Blender and actually render the 3dtiles on the web.
But of course, it only replaces the entire model, not parts of it as in the first reference site I presented.
We need to split a single glb model into multiple b3dm files, as well as a tileset.json to render them properly.

Is the only way to get these is to use photogrammetry software like Reality Capture?
Or is there a way to achieve this in Cesium’s EnterPrise plan?


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