How to deal with stacked labels at the same coordinate?

We just migrated from Google Earth to Cesium.
The thing we have is when we generate objects at the same coordinate, the stacked objects labels in Google Earth would have some trick to separate the icons and labels so as to see them clearly.
Right now when I am generating with the same method using Cesium, the labels and icons I created are just stacked together. I can't see them nor even click on one of them. Since I cannot change the height of the objects. Is there some good solution to handle this problem?
Below are the snippet I used to create to objects icons and labels:
entityPoint = viewer.entities.add({
  id: featureId,
  name: objectId,
  position : Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(lon, lat, height),
  billboard : {
     image : 'im.png',
     width : 20,
     height : 20
  label : {
    text : objectId,
     font : '14pt Arial',
     fillColor : Cesium.Color.YELLOW,
     verticalOrigin : Cesium.VerticalOrigin.BOTTOM,
     pixelOffset : new Cesium.Cartesian2(0, -9)
  polyline : {
     positions : Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegreesArrayHeights(
                [lon, lat, height, lon, lat, 0]),
     width : 2,
     material : Cesium.Color.WHITE


What kind of project are you working on? It’s great to hear you chose Cesium to replace your Google Earth app.

Unfortunately, Cesium doesn’t have a good way of dealing with labels that occupy the same space yet. If you know you’re going to have a bunch of labels in the same space, you could try applying a different pixel offset to each one.



It is a geographic info project. We initially loads KML files for all those data exist, but since Cesium is not working with terrain altitude mode, when load the KML files these data objects are not placed at proper position. So we opt for script to draw them. This stacking label problem is just one of those we met while migrating, when we have to display a great amount of data on map at the same time.


I’m running into the same issues with overlapping/stacked labels. Just wondering if you have a mitigation strategy.

Thank you.

You could try clustering them, and showing the seperate detailes in a popup on hover/click.