How to disabled the shadowns in a buildings?

Mi name is Alex,

I have one question about the shadows in a buildings.

In this moment, i can see a different shadows en the building in relation to the position of the sun.
I need to see the same texture across the face of every building.
it's possible to remove the shadown in all buildings?
I see in the Cesium New York example, in this example is possible to disable the buildings shadows.
How could I?

Thanks a million,


Hi Alex,

It sounds like this is related to shading of models rather than actual shadows. The shading is controlled by the materials and shaders that are inside the glTF models, and not much from the Cesium API. If you send over a b3dm tile I can help figure out the best changes to make to the glTF.

Hi Sean,

In the fist place, thanks for your answer.

I think so. I have the the real shadow in false.

I hadn't thought about the 3d models. I will to work in this part.

Thanks a million,