how to display 3d buildings in gltf format with texture on cesium?


**I had made a geo-located sketchup file and exported it to .dae format using sketchup itself. While creating the sketchup file, I had imported ‘images as texture’ and pasted it on my 3d model. Then I converted the .dae file to .gltf using the online collada to gltf converter ( But when I tried to run the code on cesium, the file was displayed incorrectly. And then I opened the browser’s developer tools and enabled the “pause on all exceptions” (in the sources tab in Chrome), after this I reloaded the Cesium tab and one exception was thrown. I dont know how to fix the exception and how to display the gltf file correctly. I have attached the .dae, .obj, .gltf file which I had used, and also a screenshot of the exception which I had got after enabling the “pause on exception” option. **

texture1.dae (284 KB)

texture1.obj (68.9 KB)

texture1.gltf (90.9 KB)

Are you comfortable using the command line?

I would try the COLLADA2GLTF conversion tool.