How to draw particle line effect?

I saw this and was wowed by the glowing point that moves around representing a flight.

Is there a way for Cesium to replicate that effect with a point/polyline?
I wish commercial Luciad will not be better than Cesium.


Something like that has not been implemented in Cesium yet. You would need to write a custom material for the polyline and points.




I have attempted to do the custom material for these particles with no luck. I have read the fabrics page on github. Could you assist me in figuring out a starting point?


Hey Trevor et all,

This is very nice example to implement in Cesium. Check this guy here:

I did add this issue to his project, so maybe you can help eachother. And for sure I want to use this also in another project in the future for high speed cyclists during Giro dÍtalia / TDF / etc etc.