How to draw Point Clouds on tilesets? Need example and parameters for those values

Hi there,
I am exploring the options to draw a 3-D image on the maps. I came across Tilesets can be used to draw image on the maps but I didnt find many examples on how to draw our customized shapes. I found an example for the same but nowhere they have mentioned about the parameter details and what values are those in the JSON. Is there any documentation for the same or can you help me on this?

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Can you explain what a bit more what you’re trying to do? If you just need to add an image on the map, you can use a billboard like in this code example:

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, what type of file format or data are you trying to visualize?

Hi Omar,
Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to build a cloud image over a land area (3-D). For eg: A building which is going to be built in that vacant land.

What file format is your data in (for the building that’s going to be built) ?

Right now we have it in Northern Eastern (UTM) points we have converted it to LatLng to plot in your Cesium map using Cesium.GroundPolylineGeometry & Cesium.GroundPolylinePrimitive. Now, I want to build a 3-D structure on top of that LatLng, to answer your question I have elevation for those points to plot in space. I see Cesium.Cesium3DTileset supports this feature but I am unaware how to draw our own shape rather than use from the available asserts.

If it’s a point cloud, can you export it as LAS or LAZ? Then you can upload it to Cesium ion ( to create 3D Tiles.

You can see a list of all supported formats on Cesium ion here:

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