How to edit tileset.json on IonAssets


I’m trying to edit a tileset.json of 3DTiles on my IonAssets.
Are there any methods of that?
Specifically,I want to edit values of “geometricError” in the tileset.json.

Thank you.

Is this 3D Tileset generated by Cesium ion, or are you uploading a pre-tiled 3D Tileset?

The geometric error is the measure of how close that tile is to the true representation, so it isn’t usually something you would edit by hand. You can change the maximumScreenSpaceError in CesiumJS if you want to change the error tolerance to load higher resolution tiles sooner.

Let me know if that helps.

Dear Mr Omar,

Thank you for your reply.I understood “maximumScreenSpaceError” for controlling the error tolerance. So,How about slightly complicated 3D Tileset ?
We have two pre-tiled building assemblies classified by height. We want to load taller buildings at first, and lower buildings should be loaded secondly on the setting of “refine” is “ADD”. We constructed that on our test server by editing tileset.json manually. Can we make similar setting of 3D Tileset on our IonAssets ?

Are you creating your 3D Tileset on Cesium ion, or creating it before upload?

If you’re generating your own tiles, you can edit your tileset.json as needed before you upload it to ion.