How to fit view of camera given a datasource or entities

Using zoomTo, the camera will zoom to and fit the bounds to whatever is currently visible on the timeline but in my case I want to fit the bounds to the entire datasource even if an entity is not currently visible.

My current approach is to do this:

const czml = [ packet, packet, packet, ...];

const arrayOfPositions = Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegreesArray(
        .map((packet) => packet.polygon.positions.cartographicDegrees)
        // remove every third element that is supposed to be the height
        .filter((_: any, index: number) => (index + 1) % 3 !== 0)
 destination: Cesium.Rectangle.fromCartesianArray(arrayOfPositions),

This approach feels hacky because to determine the determine of positions I need to iterate all of the CZML packets, then flatten out all the lng/lat values into a single array to do the above action.

Is there a better way to get all the lng/lat values of entities instead of iterating over all the CZML packets? The entities have a position property that is an instance of SampledPositionProperty but it’s not clear how I could use that for anything or get the lng/lat values of the entity.

It feels wrong for me to have to extract the lng/lat values from the CZML but maybe there is a better approach. Something like datasource.computeViewRectangle() (although that doesn’t exist).

Is there an alternate better way to achieve what I want without using any of the above approaches?

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Did you find an answer? I’m looking at this same issue

Nope, no alternate solution. I still do what I did in the post except now I have to account for different CZML packet types (polygon, cylinder, path etc) and aggregate those into the arrayOfPositions.