How to Generate 3D Tiles Next

It’s been around two weeks that I started using Cesium and I love it. I have seen blogs about the new version of 3D tiles called 3D Tiles Next. I know there is an experimental implementation of the 3D Tiles Next in CesiumJS 1.87 but How to generate 3D Tiles Next from a large model ? I know Cesium Ion allows me to do this process with the current 3D tiles system and generates .b3dm tiles.

Thanks in advance !

A short hint regarding the naming:

3D Tiles Next was a name for a set of extensions for 3D Tiles 1.0. These extensions (and therefore, “3D Tiles Next” as a whole) have been intended for preview and validation, and to gather feeback from possible implementors. In the meantime, these extensions have become part of the core of 3D Tiles: The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has adopted 3D Tiles 1.1 as a standard. And 3D Tiles 1.1 contains basically all the features that have previously been called “3D Tiles Next”

The point is: “3D Tiles Next” is now “3D Tiles 1.1”.

About generating 3D Tiles 1.1 tilesets:

The standard has been finalized only recently. And it is true that many toolchains.still generate 3D Tiles 1.0 data, for example, with B3DM files, even though they could genereate glTF files instead. One can expect these toolchains to be updated incrementally, and better exploit the new functionalities that are offered with 3D Tiles 1.1. But it’s hard to make a general statement here, or give a timeline that exactly says which feature will be supported at which point in time.

i have tools,it can convert models to 3D Tiles