Tools for tiling 3D Tiles version 1.1 (next) format

Hi all!

What tools exist to create version 1.1. 3D Tiles (3D Tiles next)?

Can the 3D Tiling Pipeline or Cesium Ion create version 1.1 3D Tiles?

Thanks in advance!

see for all generator tooling, not specified to 3D Tiles 1.1 though

Thanks Bertt, I am looking for specific 1.1 generators though.

you can try pg2b3dm, it supports 1.0 and 1.1 (disclaimer I’m working on it)

There are many different tools for creating 3D Tiles. Most of them will still output 3D Tiles 1.0.

(In theory, because the version change is backward compatible, your could just use a text editor to change the version number from 1.0 to 1.1 and it would still work…).

Tools that really use the new capabilities that have been introduced with 3D Tiles 1.1 (for example, simple things like generating GLB as tile content, or more complex things like metadata implicit tiling) are currently being developed. Within Cesium, there are efforts to update the tooling to generate 3D Tiles 1.1 data sets with the new functionalities, and you can expect an increased number of 3D Tiles 1.1 data sets (that really use the 1.1 capabilities) in the near future.

OK thanks Bert and Marco for your replies!