How to visualise 3dTileset Next?

How i can create 3D TileSet Next? (glb format, right?)


The title asks about visualizing, and the text asks about creating it.

If this is about visualizing: CesiumJS can already use the full functionality that was added with 3D Tiles 1.1. (The other runtime environments, like Cesium For Unreal or Cesium For Unity, already support a considerable part of it, with some functionalities currently being under development, to be made available soon).

If it is about creating data sets: There have been several additions for 3D Tiles 1.1. The fact that you can directly use GLB as the tile content is only one of them. Beyond that, the question may be related to Tools for tiling 3D Tiles version 1.1 (next) format.

Thanks for answer!