How to get a great response to your question

Thanks for using Cesium! We’re very excited that our community keeps growing and we love seeing all of the interesting applications people are building with our library. We are also here to help when you run into a problem or want to know about a feature. Below are some tips for what to include in your post to help us better answer your question.

Before you post:

  • Search the forum to see if your question has already been answered.

  • Look at our Sandcastle demos to see if there are any relevant examples.

  • Check the Reference Documentation. These pages often contain code examples too.

When you post, please include:

  • A concise explanation. What is the problem you’re experiencing?

  • A minimal code example. This is especially helpful for us if you’ve found a bug so we can reproduce it and track down the problem.

  • The context. Why do you need to do this? We might know a better way to accomplish your goal.

  • The version of Cesium you are using and other relevant information like your operating system and browser.

Other things to consider:

  • Your question should be Cesium related. For help with web programming using HTML, Javascript and CSS, resources like have great tutorials.

  • For Cesium Plug-in related questions, try contacting the author through GitHub. They might not check the forum for questions about their plug-in.

  • Make sure your question is properly scoped. Instead of asking “How do I make an application that shows satellite trajectories?”, ask more targeted questions like “How do I animate a billboard?”.

  • Please don’t post the same question in more than one place.

We try our best to answer all questions, but we also need to focus on adding new features and fixing bugs in Cesium. We appreciate when you are able to help out and answer questions from other community members.



Hi, how do you do small code samples? I'm currently trying to migrate one of my problems into Sandcastle but I'm not sure how I would then get this to you. Should I save the HTML and then upload it?


Most users will copy/paste the code from Sandcastle into their forum post. When writing your post, the last button on the toolbar (the { } button) can be used to syntax highlight your code example.
If you have a complicated example, you can save the HTML and upload it. But a plain copy/paste of the text is preferred for most cases.



I think I'm using this from a different portal. I don't have any buttons at all. I'm using and it just looks like a normal email.

Hmm. I get to the forum through google groups too:!forum/cesium-dev

And the editor looks like this for me. I highlighted the { } button I use.

Either way, you don’t have to syntax highlight your example when you post it. If that feature isn’t available to you, you can just copy/paste your code as is.



I worked it out. I hadn’t joined the group and the editor doesn’t seem to be available without joining. I’ve now updated my question.


hi,I am working on cesium flight simulator and I just wanted to run my final code without going into sandcastle.for example if user have to see the model then he should just double click on a html or any file that contains cesium code. can you help me with this?