Help for the first steps

Hello folks,

I have newly logged in here to get appropriate support.

I have never worked with cesium and thus make my first experiences. However, I came so far that I have opened “Sandcastle” in the browser. But I’m not clear with all things at all. I will totally crossed everything. When I look at the JS and HTML code of an example of Sandcastle, I do not understand where I get the import? It is also possible to do so reasonably. At least I could not discover a reasonable documentation.

My first project is that I can display the globe in the browser and zoom in to the GEO data. Furthermore, I want to place plug-in needles on certain places and draw on the places corresponding areas

Can someone help me here?
I would also be very grateful if someone give me a reasonable tutorials or documentation, as I could do the first steps, etc.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards

See above link.

Hi, thank you for the answer.
I looked at the Quickstart guide.

I managed to see the world globe on the browser. Have also added the API token.
But the remaining source code in the QuickStart guide is completely faulty. My Visual Studio Code Editor marks many variables as if these were not recognized and the types are not properly set, etc.

Is there maybe something I would have to import additional?
If so, why is not that in the documentation?
Is there a discord channel for cesium?

I ask for help.
Thank you in advance.

Many greetings