How to get geometry of a feature after 3dtile loaded?

Hi Cesiumjs community, I am implementing query builder tool, I am able to get all features of a 3dtile, but I also want geometry of each feature. I tried to get it from
“feature.content._model.gltf” but it is giving undefined value. I don’t know how to get feature geometry. Please let me know if anyone can help me or have already implemented this condition.

Thank you.

Did you check this sandcastle example?

I suggest you to create a sandcastle example to get quick response.

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@Jacky Thank you for your precious reply,
I have gone through your suggested example and that is not my need. Actually I am implementing a query builder tool and in this, I am not going to perform any operation on mouse move/click. I will select a feature from dropdown and get its fields(attributes) and then i’ll select a particular field(lets say height), i’ll get height of all features and then select one height value. On the basis of height value, i want to zoom in at the features which have height equal to selected height value. but I am not able to find the geometry of features, since after tile load cesiumjs erased the feature geometries from content._model.gltf. I want an alternative, how can i zoom in on selected features as per my conditional queries.
I’ll create a sandcastle for your reference and share with you soon.

@basant1431 I’m not sure what you exactly going through in your project. I’m also a beginner and learning like you buddy. But it seems like you are creating something to get features detail by queries like sql. I will suggest you to upload your 3d tiles and dem files in postgresql and then fetch details by writing postgresql queries.

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Yes, I’m trying to get features from 3dtile using query(Kind of sql). I can do it using a database. But I want to do it from 3dtiles if possible.