How to loop through 3d tileset to get every single 3dtile feature?

Hi all,

What I am trying to acoomplish is to query 3d tileset by property, so my initial approach is to loop through 3d tileset to get every 3d tile feature ,then apply query to the dataset.
Here is the code.I have a tileList storing all my 3d tileset data, every 3d tileset data has only one 3d tile features with a batchid of 0.

  e.tileVisible.addEventListener(function(tile) {
    if (tile.content instanceof Cesium.Batched3DModel3DTileContent) {
By this method, I noticed that there is chunk of duplicated feature in my result, even though I can do some filter works to get the job done, can someone illustrate me is there a better way to get all features from 3d tileset?


You may want to listen to the tileLoad and tileUnload events instead. Otherwise your approach is good as there is not yet a built-in function for getting all the visible features in the tileset.