How to work the Cesium Tile Feature and Tile Content portions


I am currently trying to import in a bunch of 3D tilesets that will all have individual data displayed when individually clicked. For this, I am unsure how to assign this data to the .fbx files that I have loaded in and get it displayed when the building is clicked. I am currently trying to implement the Cesium3DTileFeature.setProperty section. I was wondering how I begin to set this up?

How do I create a Tile Feature and define it to start with?
How do I then assign data using the set property function?
Does the Cesium3DTileContent#getFeature, play into this process?
How do you access the buildings batch table?
How do I assign these features to my specific tileset?


Claire (@CSettle2021),

Thank you for the questions! A lot of the questions that you are asking are broad and would take a significant amount of time to answer in detail here. Luckily, a lot of them are covered in our 3D Tiles documentation. I am going to link two resources to this message, I suggest that you read them over carefully. They provide a comprehensive overview of 3D Tiles. In fact, part of my onboarding as a developer was reading these guides.

Here is our 3D Tiles overview:

Our 3D Tiles overview summarizes the main concepts that are supported by the 3D Tiles specification.

Here is our 3D Tiles specification:

This will answer more detailed and technical questions.