How to highlight 3D models?

Hi All,

Can we change the color of 3D models? I want to highlight the 3D model when mouse moving over a 3D model, something like the Demo of picking billboard. But I couldn’t find any attribute related to 3D model’s color.




This functionality is not currently supported, but it is something we plan on adding in the future.



Hannah is partially correct in that there’s no way to do this with the public API, but there has been lots of discussion on the forum around it and it is technically possible. Have a look at this example: You paste it into Sandcastle to see it in action.

That’s for a colored model. If you want to use a textured model, check out

Both of these techniques require you know about the materials available in your model, so in order to have it work, all of your models need to follow the same convention.

Thanks Hannah and Matthew. Hope you guys have a great day.