How to Hit CesiumCartographicPolygon Actor using Line Trace By Channel

I want to interactive with CesiumCartographicPolygon Actor,
And I use Line Trace By Channel,
But I can’t Hit CesiumCartographicPolygon Actor, It seems no collision right?How to Hit or interactive with it?
Thank you.

Hi @WuduHenry,

To my knowledge, we don’t generate physics meshes from cartographic polygons. What functionality are you trying to achieve? Maybe we can suggest an alternative.

Thank you for your reply.
I just use cartographic polygons to tint an area,
And I want do some interactions with it, like Cesium for Unreal Samples.
To achieve interaction, first of all, I need to hit it.
But I can’t hit it using line trace by channel, I’m stuck here.

The Cesium for Unreal Samples level demonstratse metadata picking and styling. In other words, it takes advantage of the EXT_feature_metadata extension in the model. (Later, support for EXT_feature_metadata will be dropped in order to support EXT_mesh_features and EXT_structural_metadata). Line Trace By Channel can then retrieve the metadata values on mouse click, using the Cesium for Unreal Blueprint API.

I don’t believe this is reproducible with the Cesium Cartographic Polygon unless you turn it into actual 3D geometry that can then act as a physics mesh. Perhaps you could make a 3D version of the polygon yourself, or some other 3D volume, use it as a collider?