How to implement the Transparency project for the land and penetration through Google Earth in real time?

I am completely new with you and I got lost among the huge amount of information and did not find what I was looking for, so please kindly help and how to start …

1- Is there a ready-made project to transparently photograph the underground rooms, caves, and real materials inside those rooms, showing the depths?
2- Is the filming for the transparency of the underground done within the real time of the event?
3- Is there a project that has already been efficiently prepared that suits my request?
4- How to implement the project and upload it to work on google earth pro?

thank you very much…
Your brother SAM


Welcome to the community! CesiumJS can be a little bit overwhelming at first - I am happy to help you get started. I will start by doing my best to answer your questions:

  1. Cesium does support transparent imagery layers. As you can see in the ImageryLayer documentation, ImageryLayer has a member alpha which controls the transparency. Here is a great sandcastle demo that showcases how transparent layers can be used:
  1. Yes, the transparency is done in real-time.

  2. Could you please share more information about your use case and your intended application? If your project relates to transparent imagery layers, then there are numerous template project that can help get you started.

  3. Google Earth Pro and CesiumJS both accept some of the same data types. For instance, a KML file can be uploaded to CesiumJS and Google Earth Pro. More information would help me answer this question more accurately.

If you have any more specific questions, do not hesitate to reach out. We have a comprehensive guide to getting started with CesiumJS on our website:

This resource is often a new CesiumJS developer’s best friend. I recommend taking some time to read through it carefully.


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Thanks a lot bro. for answering my questions, but my project is Visualize underground utilities, mines, and geological layers, and real depth.

Meaning, I came up with a way to detect, excavate and explore ancient civilizations in terms of showing detailed plans for the entrances to those civilizations and the dynamics of movement in the void element, like an example: a cave, a basement, a well) to reach the target with zero accuracy. But there are many obstacles, namely:

-Determine the type of target and its true form that enable visualizing underground data.
-The real void form like caves and mines…
-Depth from the surface of the earth to the sub-surface of the void or to the entrance to the void, etc…
I would like an experienced person to help me get started with me in my project.

Thank you for your efforts, Sam :slight_smile: