How to make the order of two object?

When I use GroundPolylinePrimitive as a layer, And use polylineGrahpics as a layer(clampToGround:true). The polylineGrahpics is not on top of the GroundPolylinePrimitive .

How to make the polylineGrahpics on top, and the GroundPolylinePrimitive is on bottom?

Hi @mwhei

Typically, the primitive added last to the scene is at the top. Would you be able to share a Sandcastle reproducing this scenario?

Thank you for your reply.

I make a Sandcastle sample. It is as follows.

The polylineGrahpics’s color is green, the groundPolylineGeometry’s color is red.
The polylineGrahpics is added after the groundPolylineGeometry, but the polylineGrahpics is not on top.
We expect it display GREEN, but it display red.