How to pick Layer feature from when i use ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider

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I published an Arcgis Map Server and then i loaded it in my Cesium project, it worked.
but i splice the layer into 11 pieces, how could i pick them by mouse over?
i used 'sceneMode:Cesium.SceneMode.SCENE2D',

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this is the address i published my arcgis server
thank you for help!!!

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To pick imagery layer's feature my mouse click, get the id and geometry infomation

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I see “view in ArcGIS javascript” links in the link you have but not the Cesium viewer. Do you have a direct link to the Cesium one? It would also help to share a code snippet of how you’re adding it in CesiumJS.

If you’re using ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider you should be able to use the pickFeatures function on mouse click:

Let me know if that helps!

I’d love to hear what kind of project you’re working on with this? Hearing what people do with CesiumJS helps us improve our future direction.

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Thank you for your help, i soluted the problem by viewer.imageryLayers.pickImageryLayerFeatures(ray, viewer.scene);
and i get the feature that i need.

Our team using Cesium to build a project server for utility tunnel

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